Monday, June 6, 2016

Photo Story (Week 10 Photos)

Brittany, Bruce Sr, and Marilyn Gosnell all waiting for the birthday girl to arrive.

Marilyn Gosnell happy to be around for another of her daughter-in-law's birthdays.

A very happy birthday to my wonderful mother, June 6th, 2016.

Patricia Gosnell reading one of her birthday cards.

Patricia Gosnell starting to cut the ice cream cake while her husband Bruce Jr waits patiently.

More cake cutting while Bruce Jr. Gosnell is happy to dig into some ice cream cake!

Beautiful gifts and decorations!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week 9 Blog Forum

Topic 1: Turning Pro-
I really only want to do photography not photojournalism persay...and I want to do it as a hobby, not professionally. I learned how to use a professional camera and about shutter speed and things I never really knew before so that was a great learning experience. I still have much to learn and am glad I took this class. I will continue taking pictures of family and nature but will also probably expand to taking pictures of more things and people because I've learned to overcome some of my bashfulness too.
Topic 2: Photographer of the week-
Ansel Adams photos stood out to me because I love nature shots and he was one of the first nature photographers and I love that he didn't try to change the photos...they all were just natural and showed the true image without being edited in any way (also perhaps due to the fact photoshop didn't exist then). My favorite photo of his was of a mountain that I cannot remember the name of but Stephen Wilkes had reshot it many years later.

Sports (Week 8 Photos)

Week 8 Blog Forum

Topic 1: Technology/Innovation-
The halftone screen was an important innovation showed pictures in magazines which was huge for the 1800's. Ansel Adams was an important photographer that stands out to me because he was one of the first environmental photographers and did really well for what he had to work with technology wise.
Topic 2: Photo Story-
For my photo story I will be doing a family get together/really small birthday party. It will be to celebrate my mom's birthday with different shots of her and family there.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hometown (Week 7 Photos)

Brittany Lynn during a hard days construction work in Albany, Oregon.

United Presbyterian Church downtown in Albany, Oregon.

Linn County Courthouse downtown in Albany, Oregon.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 7 Blog Forum

Topic 1: Action/Sports Photos: My sports/action subject is of people running the LBCC track.
Topic 2: Shooting Sports: Captions are really important because without them you may take a photo the wrong way. Looks can be deceiving. Something could look racist for example but be something totally different. To freeze action you need a high shutter speed. This helps keep the image from looking really blurry. Photographers freeze the action to get the individual(s) to be in focus and make for a great photo. Don't ever stand behind people when photographing them! It's always better to show their faces.

Free Shoot (Week 6 Photos)

Tommy the turkey strutting his stuff at my grandparents home in Lebanon, Oregon.

Road headed to my grandparents house in Lebanon, Oregon.

Part of my grandparents driveway in Lebanon, Oregon.

Bonnie staring at me in my grandparents kitchen in Lebanon, Oregon.

Bonnie daydreaming about little mice in my grandparents living room in Lebanon, Oregon.

Sunny giving me a dirty look for using my flash.

Sunny posing for a picture...maybe all is forgiven?

White Tiger aka Makuba not enthused about the pictures.

White Tiger sitting patiently secretly wanting me to go away.